Saturday, September 26, 2009

getting ready for a novel writing workshop

I'm trying to get a new chapter written on my House of Cuts in time for a novel writing workshop next weekend. Thought if I whined in public, it might help me get going.

A few weeks ago, I realized, duh, that I had to have the main character featured in Chapter One, NOT the anonymous killer! It is one of those things where you first intro the protag in ch. one but then add in front of that an anon killer chapter, and whammo, now that I'm starting about the fourth revision, it hits me--need another new ch. 1--so get to it--notes are all over the dinning room table, and a slim start to the new ch. 1 is in the laptop also on the table (picture a cluttered table) devoted solely (meant in both ways) to writing.

write hard, die free,