Saturday, October 3, 2009

off to the novel workshop

Got an 8-page new chapter one done for House of Cuts. Pasted it in on top of the old chapter one. Am off to the novel writing workshop to see what seven others think, what do these readers like and not like, want to see changed?

The pure joy of (mostly) sitting for hours, working hard despite getting up and procrastinating by taking my Rav 4 in for an oil change, doing the whole week's laundry, etc., the glow after finishing that new chapter one--wahoo!

Part of the work is just getting over the audacity, maybe?

How long should my chapters be? There are two of them and a start into Ch. 3 in the first 20 pages--what we six are taking to the workshop. Are my chapters too short? One of my teachers told me that chapters need to be 20 pages long, yet others have different views.