Saturday, April 17, 2010

a couple days off

taking today and tomorrow off but be back on Monday!


  1. June, everyone needs time away from their writing. It recharges things.

    PS FKP sent me a note about TK II They said, "Another smashing book by John Atkinson." That made me happy. You know how much work goes into a novel.

  2. John, it is good to hear your voice again--I've followed your journey photos--wonderful! We can buy TK II on your blog site? I feel a bit confused--yet it is coming out now, too? Can you clarify perhaps?

  3. June, Timekeeper II won't be on the shelves until September this year. Did you finish Timekeeper and did it touch you?

    On writing: Blessings to you.

  4. I finished it a while back--loved every page of it! Thought I told you? Lent it to my dtr--she loved it too. The book is a blessing on the planet, John *:)

  5. June, there is nothing more valuable than comments like that. It feels good to hear it from a fellow writer. Blessings with your work.