Monday, May 10, 2010

back at it

Finally! Back this morning working on House of Cuts--the polishing seems endless; this time I reworked the opening scene reflecting input from writers at Gold Rush Writer's Conference weekend before last, in the Joy of Writing Sex workshop facilitated by Antoinette May, author of Pilate's Wife and other works.

We agreed that Americans can be so prudish, Europeans kid us for that "flaw," and folks agreed with me that if we put more sex into mainstream novels, the romance genre might not grab the 57% of the market that it does now.

A mission in life *:)


  1. I recently finished 'Sons and Lovers' by one of your favourites, DH Lawrence. I found it interesting the way he wrote the 'sex' into that novel in ways that felt natural, and also kind of 'veiled'. I liked that because it wasn't so obvious or crass. I am a bit of a prude myself, though, and I don't think you have to put sex into a novel just for the sake of it, or just to sell more!

  2. Good points, but yet sex is a big part of life so leaving it out is a bit weird in itself. I agree for myself that natural yet veiled is best though *:) Veiled in the sense of being written with evocative even poetic language rather than crass porno sort of approach.

    Gosh, I took a whole semester in grad school on Lawrence--need to go back and reread him *:)