Friday, December 16, 2011


House of Cuts

By June Gillam

When dismembered managers begin turning up inside a small town’s only superstore, reporter Hillary Broome finally has something interesting to write about. Her articles on the grisly murders catapult her into the national limelight, threatening to expose the shameful secret that could ruin her career…as well as bringing her to the murderer’s attention. Now Hillary must work with detective Ed Kiffin to solve the case before she becomes the next victim.

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  1. Hi--I'm checking out my friends' blogs to see what I can learn. I like the look of yours--how each post has its own little white patch, and also how your right sidebar has its own color too. Still futzing around and getting myself frustrated trying to do stuff like that. Gettin' kinda obsessed with the look of it.

    At any rate, I love your pitch!--but a quick little thing. I think "dismembered managers" is a little vague, especially coming so early in the pitch. How bout something like--"when severed body parts start turning up"--I'm thinking it paints a more vivid mental picture, although it doesn't indicate that the entire body is there, just cut up. Just food for thought, no pun intended. Love you--n