Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back at it (again)

Last night found the teensy red post-it note on which I'd written my intention to have House of Cuts out to agents by 4/11/11. I had written that in the morning the day before Easter Sunday of '09. That afternoon my darling Jerry passed away--so truly weird!!!!!!!

But now that I found the post-it again, it got me going in my revision/polishing routine for the first time since my move to Auburn! Hooray and only about 30 pages until the end (of the 300 pages)--that will complete the revision sweep brought on by sister Jacki's critique.

Then the fun of doing a "whole novel read" at one sitting again, this time really firming up the chapters and then sorting the novel into separate documents, chapter by chapter, to hone each chapter.

Working with advanced students on creating suspense moods, and that is quite useful for House of Cuts scenes, too!

We are all teaching what we most need to learn, as friend Vicki Marie said so long ago.


  1. June, sorry to hear about the loss of Jerry.
    Here's one for the writer who has no choice but write. Tomorrow is our 40th wedding anniversary and Renee has her last chemo session. I have my 5th book under contract and I must edited while waiting for Renee's treatment. I have the book roughed in, but I feel uncertain writing comedy while surrounded by tragedy.

  2. I hear you; I wrote my horror/thriller House of Cuts while Jerry was in and out of hospital--the creepiness of a killer's actions seemed to be a relief from the horror of our real life.

    God bless you both in this rough patch.