Sunday, October 10, 2010

organizing, reorganizing plot

Egads! Next novel I'm going to write a finely detailed plotline first! This will be about the third time I'm going over House of Cuts 320 pages again, charting all the scenes and their connections, linking to the overall story arc. Using filetab dividers for each chapter and its critiques, sorted into a file box.

Getting 20 pages of HofC ready to take to Moke Hill novel workshop soon--a useful two-day event for a small group in which we read out loud our 20 pages to about eight people and get their critiques, one of them being Antoinette May and the other Lucy Sanna

Got rich, helpful feedback from this process last Oct. and want to give it another go.

write hard, die free!


  1. June, I really like critique groups and the fellowship of learning. Enjoy!

  2. Brilliant idea to take turns sharing and critiquing. I'm sure the collaboration process must make a successful difference in writing. How do you hear about these events?

  3. Hi June, I am stopping by to say hello. I just wanna ask a question from a writer to the another writer. Does your creative side of your brain keeps brewing other ideas not for a current story. But for another stories? My mind keeps going like the energize BUNNY.

  4. Wow June...I never thought that writers went back over their books to look for connections and trace things. I was under the impression that you just wrote the thing and asked friends and family to give you their two cents and change it accordingly. Good to know =]

  5. Hello Professor!

    Reading your blog, and knowing that even established writers go through the long pre-writing process, makes me feel good about my progress. I was starting to believe I'd never get out of it, but I see that the importance of this process is not to be overlooked. Creating file folders and hard copies seems a much better way to keep things organized. No matter how clean I keep my desktop, I always feel overwhelmed by the digital clutter. I think I'm going to try the "old-fashioned" approach and see how it works! Thanks for the tip!

    Tricia Garcia

  6. Love your Comments, folks! Good Questions! It's hard to answer here, so just post to the class 24/7 Office Hours or email me, okay? I'll be happy to reply!!!!!

  7. I too felt like Toy said about not really knowing that writers go over their writing many times. What I have learned is that I can't count on my family and friends to give me their two cents all the time and that I need to invest my time and money into a writer's workshop as well. Trying to catch up with my family for a response would be a challenge in itself.I am inspired with your information that you post on your blog. Thanks!