Monday, March 8, 2010

back to it

After a couple days off, back to the words this morning--at a stage when I'm rewriting the overall outline and trying to get all the scenes in order, and/or added, deleted, etc. Feels now like a huge parachute all open and floating in the air around me, like it is going to be a huge task to get it all positioned into the shape it needs to be in order to be finished. Wondering how to approach seeing it all in a piece and yet at the same time hearing it all unfold over time...


length, width, depth, time--dimensions all fluffed up around me and needing to be settled into a final form.



  1. June, this helps me: Try to explain what your book is about in a five sentences, then four on down to one. If a reader should ask at a part what your book is about you can answer in ten seconds. Sometimes that's all you have.
    For me there's nothing more agonizing than an outline of my work. But when it comes together it's pure delight. I forget about the struggle because it is a new child in the family of letters.
    Make it fun.

  2. excellent strategy!!!! YOu are a wonderful writing mentor--do you work with other writer ftf, as well as online?

    am further into TK I now, where he is about to go off on his own with a few buttons in his pocket--nice tension throughout esp. on why Chief gives him that name.

  3. I share in a critique group of about 8 writers. We meet twice a month. Each writer takes charge of the group for three meetings.
    I have never worked with critiquing via on line. But I've noticed when I help others it reinforces what I've learned.

    Timekeeper is in a boy's voice, but it is adult reading. A YA student would need a short introduction before Reading Timekeeper. They need to focus on Johnnyboy's accomplishments, desire to read, and know the legal peyote ritual done by indigenous people is only a minor part of his journey.

    Keep going and enjoy Johnnyboy's journey.

  4. would it be good to let someone else read the book and give you feedback (hint, hint!)