Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more of same...

today and yesterday, reworking scene by scene outline and moving and shaking along with dusting and polishing--how can writing be like housework????


  1. The editor has me on the edge of my seat, waiting, waiting and I wonder when I'll get her marks. One week and a day has passed. To ward off my agony I wrote a short story today. Maybe I'll blog it tonight.

  2. I can feel your heebie jeebies! Great way to ward off agony, to write a short story 8:)

    I have your Timekeeper #1 at bedside and plan to attend to more of it again tonight.

    I've been away for a couple days, but back to mine overdue baby manana.

  3. June, I got a call from the editor this morning and she made my day. She loves TK II. I have another week of tweaking and I'll hand it over to the editors at FKP. They always make changes but that is part of the craft.
    When you get a break check out my short story. Best