Friday, March 12, 2010

creeping through the middle

Working my way through the middle, my messiest part--good beginning and end, but need to make the actions by certain characters in the middle parts come up in a more logical time sequence.

Aiming for truly being done by the end of spring break, just before Easter. Somehow, symbolic in a huge way.


  1. June, one writer friend used to say to me, "Oh, don't let is settle in the middle. With action, the story must move forward to the end."
    Tomorrow I meet with my editor. I bet I get a dose of something . . . manuscript bleeding red ink!

  2. Yes, one of my editor types told me the story must "build and thicken" all the while it moves forward--i'm only on page 190 of 320 at present--egads, this is taking so long!

    Red ink can be your best friend *:) Can't wait to hear what the editor says/does.

    Ref, TKI, am on the part about getting to the mountain in canada now--that gray dog is really something else! I am attached to him even though I am not really a dog person, more of a wolf person.

  3. Red ink: I am so fortunate to have a special editor on this go through. She's the forth editor. I saved her for this round and still red ink peppered the manuscript. After I correct things off the FKP and their editors. It took a long time but I'm feeling better about this book.

    Check dog and Timekeeper: A lot of readers say they didn't want the book to end. Oh, that's why I'm writing TL II.

    June, I don't see you as a wolf person. I see you as a hard working writer going for the goal line. I'm cheering you on. Hang in there. I want you to win!

  4. I feel so cheered and motivated by your comments, John--thank you *:)

    My sister is meeting with me on Good Friday to go over the whole book and its timeflow; she is very logical and a good critical thinker--and gracious with her time and her cheerleading, too!