Sunday, March 14, 2010

same-o, same-o

Up through page 201 of 320 now in polish/adjust scene flows.

Went to L.F. Crawford's book signing yesterday at Madison and Manzanita--what a great writer she is--so prolific, really inspiring. Her web page is at

Can't get link button to make a live link...


  1. Just to comment on your post a couple of days back, about wishing you could hang up your writing all around the room to be able to 'see' it - I can totally relate to that. I love the computer, but it does make things difficult when we need to view the bigger picture.

  2. Yes, years ago in my G'ma, Mother, and Me class after I transcribed (by typewriter!) several tapes I recorded of interviews with Aunt May, I set them out all over the Bidwell Way living room floor and literally cut and pasted them together--lots of effort but yet I could actually see them all--though with HofC, I have 320 pages; do you recall the makeup room at WorldRadionNews? We hung the pages from clip boards fastened all around the room--there too, though, only about 52 pages, max.