Tuesday, February 2, 2010

characters united

Today reviewed and refreshed the list of all the characters, printed out and will tape to dining room window--surrounded now by my imaginary world of folks in prep for another "last" read through the whole novel, looking for inconsistencies to fix.

write hard, die free,
as i always say *:)


  1. June, I struggle with novel style writing too. Yesterday I had to omit 4 perfectly written chapters because they didn't advance the story. Oh, how I loved them, but they had to go.
    Now there is another two chapters in question. If I can't make them move the story, out they go as well. I'm hoping I will get a clearer picture after all is done. Best,

  2. I hear you!!!! We've got to murder our darlings, ach! http://grammar.about.com/od/rhetoricstyle/a/murderquiller.htm

    What are you writing now? I'm expecting your published book in the mail from Amazon any day *:)

  3. June, I am working on the follow up book to Timekeeper. I hope you like my style and will share your feelings after reading it. Keep on writing and know you have a friend in your corner. Best John
    My blog is