Saturday, February 27, 2010

tax time...

Yikes--had to open a business banking account in 2009, so said the agent for Lambert Academic Publishing, as part of the contract last summer even though they only send $$$ once a year! (And mine certainly will not sell much at that ridiculous $113.00 price!!!) Anyhoo, as Patricia Canterbury (EVERY THURSDAY) of Sisters in Crime would say, now my tax guy wants to go over my numbers and reminded me that I needed to have kept the writing business items separate! Yikes, had to go back last night and try to find those few things, like $200 for a novel workshop last summer in Moke Hill, and a few other things.

Guess I need to keep better track now of the costs and income (!), because the IRS wants you to show a profit two years out of five in order for you to be a legit "enterprise"!!!!

And yes, wrote again a couple hours on the polishing--writing a new outline along side the text of the whole novel to firm up for the LAST TIME! the flow of the novel...



  1. We have a small business and the size of the taxes don't seem to coincide with the size of the business.

  2. The last go through! That's got to feel good. I have an editor going through TK II and it won't be the last. But I'm getting excited because the book is almost done.

  3. Can't wait to send House of Cuts to my editor--nearly ready. I'm so excited for you, John, to be so far along the road, and appreciate your support here for me.

  4. Oh, the business is small and the taxes are BIG! :-D