Saturday, February 20, 2010

such fun to be a writer

Just now am writing an updated "pitch," on House of Cuts, to offer at my first visit to the Sacramento Capitol Crimes meeting, a local branch of the national Sisters in Crime writers' organization I've belonged to for years now. Never got to a local meeting due to family responsiblities, but can go now.

Just learned one of my poems, "The Coming Dust," has been accepted for Manzanita, Poetry and Prose of the Mother Lode and Sierra, Volume 6. Yahoo! It is so much fun to get your writing published. Am thinking (again) of creating a non-profit publishing organization for the Sacramento Area to let other writers have this joy, too. More to come on that later.

So, I had to update my biog for the Manzanita collection and wrote:

  • Upon discovering Ferlinghetti in the stacks at Sacramento City College Library decades ago, June Comarsh Gillam fell in love with the embodied experience of word rhythms and kaleidoscopic images, whether reading others’ work or creating her own. She has taught writing and literature at San Joaquin Delta College since 1990.
onward *:)


  1. I'd like to find another writing group (in addition, not instead) of the one I currently attend. Are there any romance/suspense genre (not erotic) groups around these parts?

  2. congrats on the poem!
    Send it to me by email!