Sunday, February 21, 2010

met sunny frazier

The Capitol Crimes meeting yesterday was headlined by the entertaining and informative writer, Sunny Frazier, see About 25 folks in a room at the Rancho Cordova Library heard Sunny describe her life and how it has all led up to her becoming a mystery writer, inexorably so. The author of FOOLS RUSH IN and WHERE ANGELS FEAR (put them together they spell Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries), she gave us lots of marketing tips and details about how Kindle publishing works.

The $15/year membership dues are more than worth it if every month brings such delightful speakers! Capitol Crimes is the local Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime.

Also, read more of John Atkinson's TIMEKEEPER, a shockingly vivid account of a young man's wandering to escape torture at home and at school.



  1. June, I saw John Atkinson's picture in the local newspaper Thursday signing a three book contract over the next three years with Fisher King Press. The lucky dog!

  2. Yahoo!!!! (You are writing about yourself in the 3rd person, ya? For humility sake or what?)

    Anyway, big congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! times a million *:)