Friday, February 19, 2010


More of the same this morning.

I've been asked to be a featured reader at Luna's Cafe March 20, so that will be a good motivation to get some of the most juicy parts selected for reading aloud!

Onward *:)


  1. Where is Luna's Cafe? What time?

  2. Hi, It's in Sacramento. Can you get there March 20 at 5:30 or so? I'll be the featured writer that evening, reading from my work in progress, House of Cuts. Let me know if you can come, and I'll post the address. Thanks for being here *:)

  3. Heck yeah, I'll be there. Just asked my Husband if he wanted to go with me; the look on his face said I might have to find another chaperon, but I definitely want to go. Sounds like my kind of evening! Coffee and reading (and other people who like such things!), what could be better? Looking forward to hearing some of you work in progress!

  4. Very cool! One of last year's Eng 44 students started coming to the Luna readings and was asked to read his stuff--great practice at hearing the rhythms of your work and "being there" to feel the audience response to it. Details such as address of Luna's later, but it's near 16th near O street in Sacto.

    Like your new photo, Paula *:)

  5. Thanks! I'm a ham.

    I'll be accompanying one or two of your past students, as well. Jason for sure and hopefully Sal, too. Need to tell him about it first.