Wednesday, January 13, 2010

90 minutes more

Got in another hour and a half this a.m., working on a comment from one of the writers in my small group meeting yesterday.

Aside: the homemade lentil/black bean/carrot soup from my crockpot was delish, although mysteriously spicy--first time I ever tried cooking lentils, in preparation for going vegan soon, yikes!

Back to the writers' meeting; the comment was made that my main character seemed to be sometimes shallow and comedic while other times profound and poetic. So this morning's 90 minutes was devoted to taking it again from the top and weaving in a few explicit lines integrating these two facets of the same character--love getting feedback from readers to help me see how others "read" and so co-create the story 8:)



  1. I would like to read what you are working on. Sincerely

  2. Thank you, John. It is a mystery novel entitled House of Cuts, but it is not published yet. I hope to have it all polished and out to agents by the end of May of this year.

  3. June, I was too forward. I wanted to see your style and if I could help you. But I can wait and buy a copy of House of Cuts. Best,

  4. 'shallow and comedic while other times profound and poetic' - that sounds like how real people can be! but i guess in a novel you need to smooth that out?

  5. well, yes, i guess that somehow that split in those two directions did not seem like the same character to my friend in the writers group--guess it seemed not believable that it was the same person--but i liked my friends remark and the chance it gave/gives me to integrate the parts of my main character... really absorbing work *:)