Tuesday, January 5, 2010

lost words scare

During the 7:15 to 8:15 a.m. time polishing House of Cuts this morning, got a scare when I was trying to Select and Cut to move a piece of text from one spot to another--lost it in the maneuver and felt I needed that particular way to say it. Felt a bit of panic and had to go back and forth into the flash drive Saves of the story, to find the wording I wanted. Got it all sorted out, but kind of unnerving to lose words. Recalls to mind the advice to "murder your darlings," those words I cared enough about to go to that length to recapture likely need to be cut! See http://www.easywaytowrite.com/ArtMurder.html

BTW, am about 100 pages into Pete Dexter's Spooner, and find it kind of falling apart but will keep on keeping on a bit more; met a man last night who said he had given up on it though.


  1. Nothing like a pencil and paper to write with, eh? I know the feeling.

  2. Yes, the computers can create and destroy in a flash , whilst the pencil and paper just sits there *:)