Saturday, January 16, 2010

on and on

AWOL (or AWL?) yesterday due to having to leave home at 7:00a.m. to get started on the CHIP program, in Lodi (see which involved a 12-hour fast in prep for a blood draw--yikes! Made it through that plus a faculty in-service at Delta and back to the word work this a.m. for nearly two hours *:)

Still weaving and trimming and adding so the flow of the story is what it wants to be, so to speak. Magical time, this work.

Got a few specific things jotted down to work on today at Zoe's midtown writing circle--hooray for Zoe Keithley!!!!


  1. hey, hey, ms. g.g.,

    so where's some details of yesterday? did you actually start your new eating plan?
    i love the "magical time" you're having with writing. maybe i need to start this ,,so i too can go on a "magical ride" you know how much i love anything that is magical".
    mother must have made us think we were magical or somebody placed this thought in me at a young age.
    i can dig the" weaving and trimming" to get the flow just right.

    you go g.g.

    love you,

  2. hey, it is so much fun to have a blog--you can write in it for all to see whenever you feel like it! I can come over and show you how. gg

    ps, we don't start on the actual eating plan til monday--vegan city here i come!