Tuesday, January 12, 2010

one day at a time

Got another hour in from 6:00 to 7:00 this morning, hooray for today! If I could do this each day, 365 hours per year = 9 solid full-time 40-hour work weeks.

A couple of writing group friends are coming over today at 2:00 to give each other input on our writing--that's always motivating, as well. It's raining here so I put on the crock pot full of lentil soup.

Wish I could go away to some isolated spot though and just plow through it all to get the final revised and polished novel all done! and ready to send to agents... not just ready, but sent out. Fantasy land.

As Jer always said, good things take time.


  1. June,Jer told you right. It takes a long time to put a great book together and get it published. I am a forever struggling writer. After many years of sharpening my prose, spending a lot of money on postage stamps, I got involved in a critique group of published authors, Sharon Baldacci, Margaret Sibley and Lee Irby. I learned from them it's more to getting published than good writing. Being patient is number one.
    Please visit my blog. Best, John

  2. Thanks, John! I'll come by and visit you. jg

  3. Hey JBug! Of course I'm going to follow you! I started a blog up, too. We'll see how I do. That was a bit too much ryhming...haha See you in class!

  4. Cool--what's the URL for your blog, Paula?

  5. Looks like you found me! Although, I seem to have inadvertently merged it with something else I created not so long ago, and would like to have the PaulasPlacePutItInWriting, and not the other, for fear of confusion and people not finding the one in which I am actively writing. Was it hard for you to find the black page? If not, I'll keep it as is. It's just that when you click on my picture above, you have to navigate out of that page to get to the actual bog.

  6. No it was not hard to find--this blogging gets tricky, yes 8:) Whatever works!