Thursday, January 14, 2010

must be having fun now

Time flies when you're having fun
fake it til you make it: fall in love with your writing to give time wings.

This morning from 6:30 to 9:00, I just flew through my novel-polishing in a semi-bliss state. It did help to review again some comments from my small writers' group (not actual small people but a small group *:) to spur me along, must say. Thank you C and A!

Now am up to page 55 of 322 pages, and really enjoying the ride in Writerland--this part is esp. fun since I get to be both a reader of my novel and a (re)writer 8:)



  1. Love this post: "Fall in love with your writing to give time wings"

  2. smile. I think my post was the echo of some lines on a dark brown concrete plaque my dtr J gave me ten years ago; the stone plaque is edged with Celtic designs and features a woman riding a horse though a circle in the air.

    Down below the woman is inscribed:

    Catch the wind
    when time is against you.

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