Monday, January 18, 2010

three hours today

Well, today I wrote from 6 a.m. til 9:20 a.m. but took about 15 minutes out to eat, at the same time, of course, thinking about the writing, then went back to writing. Wondering if eating breakfast in the middle might be a good way to extend my "seat time" and thus get more quickly through the current 325 pages on this fourth pass through the novel. It's starting to feel like it is really becoming what it wants to be now and much more ready for sending to agents *:)

I'm excited because tomorrow the spring 2010 semester starts at Delta and I hope to see many of the Creative Writing, Story, students show up here and even start their own blogs to keep track of their process.


  1. I think taking a breakfast break would be helpful - otherwise your brain won't be at its best. Good to hear your positive tone about how it is going, though of course when you have tough days with it, its still good to be honest about that, too!

  2. June, I'm a creature of habit. I've worked 5 hours and not think about food or drink. But now I make it a point to get up and stretch every hour. The main thing for me is good attitude. I try to stay excited but that fades and I fall back on old habits. Editing is tough. Writing is fun. When I get tired of editing I read or write something that builds my ego / good attitude.